Week 240 Menu

Wow, what a day!  Today my four year old starts preschool for the first time. 
I didn't have him go to preschool last year since I was really pregnant and then had a newborn.  We did "preschool" projects and activities at home instead.  

He has been waiting forever for this day to come.  Now I'll have 2.5 hours with just my baby in the afternoons.  It's really quiet, especially when he's napping.  I'll guess I'll soak up the peace and quiet, so it can help me through the after school/sports/dinner/homework/bedtime chaos that will surely come.

Like I posted on Facebook this weekend, I'm going to try to stock my freezer with some meals and meal starters to make dinnertime a little easier.  I'm not going to go all out and make 40 meals in one day, but instead do a bit each day.  Tonight after my kids go to bed I'm going to mix up some Swedish meatballs, teriyaki burger patties, and BBQ chicken tinfoil dinners to stick in the freezer. 

This morning I mixed up some of my favorite chocolate chip cookie dough.  I got some cookie dough balls ready for the freezer for a time in the future when we want freshly baked cookies.  I'm also freezing some already baked cookies, so I can pop them into my kids lunch boxes.  They'll be thawed my lunch time. 

I'll keep you posted on my freezer stocking effort.  Do you follow me on Facebook?

Menu time...

Monday:  orange chicken, steamed rice, broccoli and edamame

Tuesday:  German pancakes, green smoothies

Wednesday: honey lime enchiladas

Thursday:  my favorite taco soup in the crockpot
 Friday: parmesan chicken, grilled rosemary potatoes, veggies

Saturday:  easy night

Sunday: bacon wrapped chicken, pasta, fruit & veggies

All right...there you have it.  My menu!  What are you making this week?

P.S. If you need menu inspiration check out my other #239 menus here.  Or check out my Ultimate List of Dinner Ideas (meals I make for my family on a regular basis). 


  1. Monday - ravioli, broccoli
    Tuesday - chicken souvlaki pitas, tomato & cuke salad
    Wednesday - hamburgers
    Thursday - salads with the "girls"
    Friday - pizza
    Saturday - kids are in charge
    Sunday - balsamic glazed steak rolls

  2. I love the meal prep stuff ahead of time -- good idea! I have started prepping a few things in advance just by doubling what I'm already doing, e.g. making up two or three extra "seasoning packets" for my oven fries or dicing up an extra onion and throwing it in the freezer for a future recipe. I'm already making fries or chopping an onion, so this seriously only takes an extra minute -- and yet it helps me get dinner on the table on those busy days! I'm interested to hear your tips and tricks, too!

    M - chicken enchilada pasta
    T - chicken salad sandwiches
    W - spinach tortellini bake
    Th - SW crockpot chicken wraps (doubling it to bring to a friend with a new baby)
    F - pizza
    Sa - taco salad
    Su - spaghetti


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