Week 238 Menu

Happy Monday everyone!  We just got home from a weeklong trip visiting family.  It was super fun.  Lots of hiking, smores, campfires, grandmas and grandpas, cousins, river floating, rock throwing, horse riding, etc. 

This week is our last week of summer vacation, since school starts next week.  I can't believe it!  No more sleeping in and staying up late.  I'll miss summer!  It was way too short.

Menu time...

Monday: Asian BBQ chicken, cous cous, broccoli

Tuesday: quick french dip with green chile

Wednesday: crockpot chicken tacos

Thursday: pizza

Friday: easy night

Saturday: Southwest pasta salad, cornbread muffins

Sunday: Swedish meatballs, steamed potatoes, IKEA gravy, one hour rolls, salad

What are you making this week?  Or, since I missed last week, feel free to share what you ate last week.  :)