Week 236 Menu

Good Monday morning everyone!  This summer is flying by so quickly!  I can't believe it! 

We've been having some amazing rain storms lately.  It's been so refreshing and much needed.  Everything was starting to die from the drought.  My 4 year old started freaking out the other day when it was raining because "things were getting wet!"  I'm loving the cooler weather in the afternoons.  We just need to plan our trips to the pool earlier in the day. 

Thanks to Julia and Beth for posting their menus last week!  I wish I could have eaten at their houses.  Yum! 

All right...menu time...

Monday: tacos with homemade taco seasoning, quick salsa, and yummy toppings

Tuesday: sausage and potato bake

Wednesday: sweet and sour turkey meatballs , steamed rice, veggies - we really haven't had this three weeks in a row, I just haven't made it yet.

Thursday:  CafĂ© Rio pork salad
Friday: pizza

Saturday: baked potato soup (maybe I'll "bake" the potatoes in my crockpot), cornbread muffins

Sunday: chicken pot pie

What are you making this week?