Deep Thought of the Day...

This is my new favorite quote from that I saw on Pinterest the other day. 
Good to Remember!!!!
It seems like my "to-do" list never gets smaller, only longer.  And I rarely check anything off of it, but yet I am busy, busy all the time. 

I thought of this quote throughout the day while I spent pretty much all of my time with my kids, helping them with their summer workbooks, helping them get their chores done and piano practiced, working together outside, reading books together, feeding my baby, etc. 

Those things that are not on my "to-do list" are what really matters.  Like my husband and kids.  A phone call to my mom.  A chat with a friend.  A cuddle and a story on the couch. A hug.. 

My kids are only home for the summer for three more full weeks. I can work on my "to-do" list when they're back in school and the baby is napping.

Good to remember.