Week 231 Menu

Today is our first day of summer vacation!  I'm excited to have my kids home.  They are such special little people and I love to be with them.  We're trying to get back into our summer routine of chores first and then play.  Hopefully it will be a tiny bit warmer so it's not so cold when we go to the pool.

It's nice and smoky outside from two nearby wildfires.  It reminds me too well of two summers ago when we were evacuated because of a fire and then smelled smoke for weeks afterward.  Praying for rain!

Meals needs to be easy to prep this week, so here goes...menu time.

Monday: tacos made with homemade taco seasoning

Tuesday: bistro chicken, garlic mashed potatoes

Wednesday: subs made on homemade French bread, w/turkey, swiss, avocado, etc.

Thursday: honey lime enchiladas

Friday: orange chicken, steamed rice and veggies

Saturday: grilled hamburgers

Sunday: tbd...we go to church at 1:00 now instead of 9:00 like we used to, so I need new Sunday dinner ideas since I no longer have all afternoon to cook.  :)

What's on your SUMMER menu this week?  Hooray for summer!