Week 229 Menu

Well, it's Thursday and I'm finally posting my menu.  This week has been busy and crazy, but I'm beginning to think that that's normal for my life.  :)  I'm working on prioritizing what needs to be done and realizing that there is no way that I can possibly do everything that I need/want to do. 

Anyway....I'm feeling grateful today that my little family is safe and sound after the crazy tornadoes this week.  Praying for those in Oklahoma...

I guess it's menu time...

Monday:  we had leftovers

Tuesday:  we had crockpot chicken stroganoff

Wednesday:  we had quick French dip sandwiches

Thursday:  BBQ Caesar Chicken, grilled potatoes

Friday:  Chicken Caesar wraps

Saturday: Chicken fajitas

Sunday:  Baked potato soup

What have you been making this week?