Week 227 Menu

Happy Monday!  I'm a little more on the ball today than I was last week.  I felt like I was constantly running last week with a birthday, two birthday parties, 2 soccer games, 2 baseball games, 4 soccer practices, 2 baseball practices, 9 piano lessons, and much more.  It was a fun week though!  I love being with my kids and watching them have fun with their friends and play sports.

Menu time...

Monday: chicken noodle soup with homemade noodles, fresh bread

Tuesday: lasagna

Wednesday: breakfast burritos

Thursday: BBQ chicken or burgers

Friday: sloppy joes

Saturday: blts

Sunday: Happy Mother's Day :)

Like always, if you've planned your menu yet, feel free to post it.  I love reading what you're making.  (Thanks Julia & Beth!) 

Have a great week!
If you need menu inspiration, click here to browse through my 227 weeks of menus or on my Ultimate List of Dinner Ideas (all dinners that are regularly rotated through my menus). 


  1. This week was easy because I'm only going to be here for half of it! My sister is getting her P.h.d so I'm going to her graduation this weekend! yay! Also I'm trying your turkey meatball recipe tomorrow...wish me luck!

    Mon: Eat out for our Anniversary
    Tues: Turkey Meatballs, Spaghetti Squash Au Gratin, salad
    Wed: Shredded Pork tacos, homemade salsa, black beans
    Thurs: Mushroom Swiss Turkey Burgers, sweet potato fries
    Fri-Sun: Alex is in charge!! :)


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