Week 226 Menu

Wow...it's Thursday already and i'm just doing my menu.  I've been running around like crazy this week and it's almost over.  Aah!  Since I'm typing this one handed right now, I'll get to my menu...

Monday:  we had creamy chicken and wild rice soup

Tuesday:  we had tacos

Wednesday:  it was an easy night

Thursday: German pancakes and smoothies

Friday: Tinfoil Dinners

Saturday: pizza

Sunday:  even though it's Cinco de Mayo we're having lasagna, yummy french bread

What are you making this week?  Or maybe that should be...what did you eat for dinner this week?

Have a happy Thursday!


  1. Here's my week

    Mon: Easy night
    Tues: Dijon chicken, mashed cauliflower
    Wed: Chicken Corn Chowder
    Thurs: Leftovers
    Fri: Bruschetta Chicken w/ avocado
    Sat: Easy night
    Sun: Tamale griddle cakes, pulled pork, and cowboy caviar

  2. M: easy night at our house, too
    Tu: BLTs
    W: white chicken chili (soup weather since IT WAS SNOWING)
    Th: chicken/rice/broccoli casserole (comfort food -- I am sick!)
    F: sloppy joes and fries
    Sa: pizza pasta
    Su: taco salad (Cinco de Mayo!)


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