Week 224 Menu

Hi everyone!  We're getting back into the swing of things after having spring break last week.  We had a really fun week being with lots of family and doing lots of fun things.  Luckily, the kids didn't have school yesterday, so we could recoup a bit before we have to jump back into a schedule.

This week is the start of another 6 - 8 weeks of sports craziness.  We have some kind of sport practice or game almost every night, so I need to be organized at dinner time. 

Here's my menu...

Monday: we had breakfast burritos

Tuesday: chicken tetrazinni

Wednesday: tilapia

Thursday: breakfast for dinner - probably these pancakes

Friday: stirfry, rice

Saturday: sausage and potato bake

Sunday: roast chicken, mashed potatoes, etc.

That's what I'm making this week.  How about you?  What's on your menu this week?



  1. Here's my menu for the week! I even made it to the store already! And I saw you there! :) We're working on getting in shape for an upcoming wedding so we are eating better most of the time...but I look forward to my grilled cheese and potato wedges next weekend!

    Monday: We had Southwest Salad w/BBQ chicken
    Tuesday: Cheesy Quinoa and Veggie bake
    Wed: Philly cheesesteak stuffed bell peppers
    Thursday: Steak and veggie rolls, mashed sweet potatoes
    Friday: Creamy corn and shrimp
    Saturday: Chicken gyros, potato wedges
    Sunday: Grilled chipotle tomato and cheese sandwiches

  2. M: We had Alfredo/Chicken/Bacon/Penne Bake (I never know what to call these dishes; I know they have a fancy name but I can't ever think of it and end up just listing the ingredients as a title. Haha).

    T: Baked potato soup is in the crockpot! Rolls are in the breadmaker! We are have a visit from winter this week. Three inches of snow this morning.

    W: Zucchini/ground beef casserole (this is me trying to pretend it's summer by eating zucchini, haha)

    Th: Southwest chicken wraps (missionaries are coming to dinner, so we'll have Jello, too -- my kids insist on Jello when the missionaries come)

    F: Spaghetti .. or pizza. Whichever I feel like making.

    Sa: Easy night. (As if spaghetti wasn't easy enough the previous night.) (We'll be eating SW chicken wrap leftovers, I bet.)

    Su: Breakfast for dinner


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