Do you ever plan blog posts in your head?  Throughout my day I think, hey, I could blog about that.  But then I don't usually do get around to it.  I spend most of my time during the day hanging out with my two youngest kids.  Entertaining my three year old, so he doesn't go crazy and keeping my baby happy and fed.  Then my big kids come home and it's all about homework, and piano lessons and sports practices and games.  It's a little crazy!

I was just thinking last night as I watched my almost seven year old hit pitch after pitch that his dad threw him about how lucky I am.  I get to be around these four amazing kids all the time.  These kids that are talented, beautiful, smart, and growing up into amazing little people!   They can do amazing things! 

They are so patient with me.  No matter how unpatient I am and how much I might yell, they still tell me that I'm the best mom.  They teach me so many little lessons every day... 

Man, being a mom is hard.  I appreciate my mom more every day.   When I make mistakes, I tell my kids that I'm still learning too.  Hopefully I'll get it figured out someday...  I think Heavenly Father wants me to learn something about having three boys...maybe patience and being calm in the midst of wrestling and chaos. 

I'm just going to remember how lucky I am that get to be around these sweet spirits and learn some lessons from them. 

I love this picture of my little guy (can you believe he's already 4 months old?).  My three year old is trying to make him smile for the camera.  I love the look of love (and patience) in his eyes. 

Those unwritten blog posts will have to wait...someday I will blog about my favorite chicken pot pie and lemon bars.  But right now I get to go snuggle with my little guy who is letting me know that my computer time is over! 

Have a happy Tuesday!