Week 220 Menu

Today is...

After being housebound with a sick 1st grader all last week, I am very happy that my kids are happy and healthy and were excited to go to school this morning, even with the time change. 

I even have my menus figured out and mostly grocery shopped for too.  That doesn't happen too often.  Usually I figure out what yo make as I type my menu blog post.

Monday:  breakfast burritos

Tuesday: sausage and potato bake

Wednesday: asian bbq chicken, cous cous, veggies

Thursday: PI day!  chicken pot pie

Friday: orange beef, rice

Saturday: easy night

Sunday: mealoaf, baked potatoes

What are you making this week?



  1. Monday: biscuits and gravy
    Tuesday: turkey broccoli casserole
    Wednesday: SW chicken wraps
    Thursday: missionaries coming for dinner - baked potatoes and chili with Oreo Pie for dessert (in honor of Pi Day!)
    Friday: sloppy joes
    Saturday: pizza (and green Jello, in honor of St. Patrick's Day -- or at least get it in the fridge for Sunday!)
    Sunday: Hawaiian Haystacks
    Monday: white bean chicken chili

  2. And glad your kids are healthy! I am interested to hear about the sausage/potato bake on your menu ... sounds like that would be a hit with my husband, and maybe even my picky-picky kids would try it.

  3. Monday: Artichoke and Chicken alfredo bake
    Tuesday: Malibu chicken, mashed potatoes
    Wednesday: Broccoli cheese soup, crescent rolls
    Thursday: Bow tie beef and squash skillet
    Friday: Easy night
    Saturday: Chili Dogs w/fritos (at Alex's request)
    Sunday: Pulled Pork Sandwiches, sweet potato fries

    I'm also excited for pi day and St. Patrick's Day! We are making a coconut cream pie for the ward activity and will have green pancakes and a rainbow fruit platter for St. Patty's.


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