I made my first smoothie ever last weekend.  I've always been intimidated by making smoothies, because I don't really like berries and it seems like most smoothies have berries in them.

I had the worst sore throat in the world, so I decided to make a smoothie so I didn't starve to death.  I used some frozen pineapple and mango, a banana, spinach, some vanilla yogurt and orange juice.  It was so yummy and very soothing for my very sore throat.

I made smoothies for my boys for breakfast.  They are fans!  I can't wait to make more.
What are your favorite smoothie combinations?   Happy smoothie making!



  1. I LOVE smoothies! Welcome to the club. :) I love the combo you made above. I drink almond milk, so often I'll replace almond milk with juice in fruit smoothies. Honey is a great sweetener, too. Another favorite is chocolate (instant breakfast packet or boost) + banana + peanut or almond butter + milk + sometimes yogurt + and ice.

  2. I just got a blender for Christmas and make myself a smoothie in the afternoons sometimes (the kids love it, too!). I've had luck with a strawberry/pineapple smoothie (plus yogurt and milk). I need to try spinach now that I have a good blender and won't (hopefully!) have pulpy chunks in it!


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