Bye Google Reader!

Do you use Google Reader?  I was really sad to hear that it will be retired on July 1, 2013. 
I've used Google Reader to check my favorite blogs for a few years now.  I mostly use it on my Google Nexus tablet.  I have lots of blog posts starred, since it's not very convenient to "pin" things on Pinterest on my tablet. 
I started exploring my options of RSS feed readers.  The two that I'm trying are Bloglovin' and Feedly.
Both of these readers let you to sign in with your Google account and it will transfer your favorite blogs and starred items from Google Reader. 
I think I'm liking Feedly best.  It is brighter and more colorful, which is a nice change from Google Reader. 
What feed reader do you like best?


  1. Oh man, I have a whole mini-rant about the demise of Google Reader that I have been refraining to post! I have been using Google Reader for YEARS (like, I have known Google Reader longer than I've known most of my kids -- okay, kind of) and am sad that things have to change!

    I haven't decided on a new reader yet but I will watch your comments. I have heard lots of good about feedly (mostly out of the digital scrapbooking community, where they gravitate toward the "pretty"). Never heard of bloglovin'. Been hearing a lot of buzz about; there's another option.

    For me, I think I'm going to wait a bit and see what pans out in these next few weeks ... my tech-savvy husband is keeping his ear to the ground on this one for me!

  2. I've been trying to figure out Feedly. I have a few complaints about it, but for the majority of time it works just fine. They have a suggestion page where you can vote on things that you want worked on. I've voted for a search through all past feeds option - and would love if you would vote on that too. Sometimes change bugs me really bad, but this one hasn't been too bad. It's been really nice that it moved all the stuff I had in Google Reader over.


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