Being Crafty...Hard Things Sign

I made this sign a few months ago and finally got around to hanging it up last week.  I hung it in my hall where I pass it a million times a day (or at least it seems to be that many times). 

I saw this saying on pinterest a while ago.  I found an old board laying around my house and painted it black.  Then I bought some vinyl lettering for the words. 

It's been a great reminder that I can do hard things. 

Whether that be changing my baby's clothes for the third time that day because of a leaky diaper. 

Or another "hard thing" might trying to keep my three year old from escaping his room during a time out. 

Or trying to get my energetic, athletic six year old to focus on his homework.

Or maybe it's dealing with the drama of an almost nine year old girl (I'm a little afraid of that drama that is yet to come when she gets older). 
Hopefully my kids will notice it and remember that they can do things even if they are hard too. 

Sometimes I try to be crafty and make things.  Then sometimes I blog about them.  If I can make it, then you should be able to do it too.  Check out my "Crafty" page.