Week 217 Menu

Have you ever composed a blog post in your head?  I thought of several things that I could have blogged about last week, but I never made it to the computer to type them up.  I usually go online on my Google Nexus tablet, which is hard to blog from.  And if I use my computer I'm usually holding my little baby with one hand.  So, I'll just be happy that I get my menu posted and snuggle my baby since he's growing up too fast.

Did you all have a great Valentine's Day?  I made heart-shaped pancakes and bacon for my family for breakfast.  Then my three year old and I made heart-shaped cinnamon rolls to share with our neighbors after school. 

All right...menu time.

Monday:  we had pizza

Tuesday:  crockpot chicken stew, favorite french bread

Wednesday: grilled marinated steaks, grilled potatoes

Thursday: minestrone soup, Macaroni Grill rosemary bread

Friday: tacos or fajitas

Saturday: parmesan chicken, baked potatoes

Sunday:  lasagna, one hour breadsticks, salad, etc.

That's what I'm making this week.  How about you?