Week 212 Menu

It's Menu Monday again!  My little baby has decided to sleep all day until it's almost dinnertime and then be fussy. I need to be better prepared this week and have dinners prepped to cut down on the pre-dinner-time-craziness with homework, piano practicing, crying baby, etc.. 

Here goes...

Monday: baked BBQ chicken, twice baked potatoes (w/half mashed potatoes/half cauliflower)

Tuesday: cuban street tacos

Wednesday: grilled chicken sausage, potatoes and peppers

Thursday: spicy honey chicken salad w/homemade ranch and baked tortilla strips

Friday: chicken manicotti

Saturday:  creamy chicken and mushroom soup or sausage, kale, potato soup

Sunday: Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, IKEA gravy

What are you making this week? 


  1. Hey! You are so awesome at keeping your blog updated even with a new little one at home! I'm pretty sure my last blog entry was from Thanksgiving...oops :) But here's my menu this week.

    Mon: Beef Enchiladas, Spanish rice and black beans
    Tues: Eggs Benedict and raspberry rolls
    Wed: "Wingers" wraps and baked sweet potato fries
    Thurs: Mini Hawaiian Pizzas and garden salad
    Fri: Freezer Meal
    Sat: Something in Santa Fe
    Sun: Homemade lasagna, bread sticks, green beans


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