Week 211 Menu

Well, it's back to real life around here.  My hubby went back to work and my kids started school, now we'll see what life is like with four kids.  I've just noticed that it's hard for me to finish anything that I start. maybe I have a touch of scatter-braininess.  I have laundry halfway folded and put away, bathrooms halfway cleaned, grocery list halfway made, etc.  I am getting better at doing things with one hand though.

So, I guess it's menu planning time...

Monday:  we had beef stroganoff

Tuesday: spicy honey chicken salad w/homemade ranch and baked tortilla strips

Wednesday: tinfoil dinners

Thursday: chicken salad BLTs on pita bread

Friday: taco soup

Saturday: chicken manicotti or cuban street tacos

Sunday: hearty beef stew in slow cooker, one hour rolls

All right, now just have to hit the grocery store.  What are you making this week?  I need all the inspiration I can get.