Week 210 Menu

Happy New Year's Eve everyone!  These cute kiddos are the reason for my blog silence the last two weeks.  Our little guy is 12 days old now.  He is perfect and we all adore him!

I've spent a lot of time snuggling with my kids (big and small) on the couch, playing games and reading stories.  It's been great having a baby at Christmas time, since we don't have anywhere to go and we can stay home and relax.  

I'm feeling great and am back at it in the kitchen...which means menu planning!  And then grocery shopping...

Here goes...

Monday:  taco salad and then New Year's munchies

Tuesday: homemade pizza

Wednesday: broccoli cheese soup with one hour rolls

Thursday: turkey sausage and potato bake

Friday: easy night

Saturday: spaghetti, one hour breadsticks

Sunday:  Swedish meatballs, steamed potatoes, IKEA gravy

Happy New Year!