Monday, December 3, 2012

Week 207 Menu

 Menu Monday again.  This week is my week to try to wrap up Christmas shopping and Christmas present projects before the baby comes.  I might try to stock the freezer a bit, so we have some backup dinners on hand.  We'll see what I get done.

Menu time...

Monday: Asian BBQ chicken, couscous, veggies

Tuesday: our favorite oat/wheat pancakes

Wednesday: chicken pot pie (making two -- one for dinner and one for the freezer)

Thursday: turkey, provolone, pesto sandwiches on French bread

Friday: beef stew

Saturday: easy night

Sunday:  PW's salisbury steak (maybe this time I'll make's been on my menu several times)

That's what I'm making.  How about you?  Have you planned your menu this week?  Now if I just remember to buy everything that I need at the grocery store...


1 comment:

  1. MONDAY: pizza (I used a new dough recipe, and it tasted like Papa Johns! So excited!)

    TUESDAY: white bean chicken chili

    WEDNESDAY: Hawaiian haystacks

    THURSDAY: tater tot casserole

    FRIDAY: lasagna

    SATURDAY: creamy chicken taquitos (lunch); breakfast-for-dinner (waffles/french toast) (dinner)

    SUNDAY: SW chicken wraps


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