Two Favorites on a Tuesday

Today I wanted to share with you two things that are my favorite lately.  They're not food related, but I'm really grateful for them, so I thought I'd share.  I'm going to (hopefully) have my baby next week, so I've been trying to get things organized around here and ready for Christmas and these two things have helped so much! 

My 1st favorite thing -- My Target REDcard.  I love it for three reasons.  
#1.  It's a debit card (I hate having credit cards from every store.)
#2.  Every time I use it at Target I get 5% off (which pretty much just covers the tax).
#3.  I get free shipping on anything at  (This is huge for me, since I live almost an hour from the closest Target and a half hour from the closest Walmart).  I might be placing a few more orders from before Christmas.

My 2nd favorite thing -- My Google Nexus 7.  My hubby bought this for me for my birthday in August.  It's changed my life...for the better.
#1.   I can sit on the couch and check my email, surf the web, catch up on my favorite blogs in google reader, and look at pinterest instead of spending hours in front of the computer.
#2.  It has a Amazon Kindle app, so I can read books (which I plan on doing after the baby comes). 
#3.  I use the calendar to organize everything.  It sends me reminders (which are good).
#4.  I have lots of lists on it and I take my Nexus with me when I go shopping.
#5.  It connects to Wi-Fi -- which is pretty everywhere that I go...the library, Sam's Club, Lowes, church, etc.  
#6.  It has the LDS Gospel Library on it, so I can read the scriptures, or lessons for church while I'm waiting in the doctors office.  I take it to church with me too.
#7.  It's small and fits in my purse, so I take it with me almost everywhere. 

What are your favorite things that make your life so much easier?  Happy Tuesday!