Favorite Christmas Breakfast Ideas

It seems like breakfast on Christmas morning is usually a tradition special to your family. 

Growing up, my dad always made Aebleskivers.  This was a special treat for us since they took a while to make enough to fill all of us up.  We seemed to eat them faster than my dad could make them, even with two Aebleskiver pans cooking at once.  They remind me of my Danish grandma...and of my dad. 

Since I've started a family of my own, we have a tradition of having cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Christmas.  I mix them up on Christmas Eve and let them sit overnight in the fridge.  Then I bake them after we open presents.  Here's exactly how I prep them to rise overnight...and here's the recipe

If pancakes are more your style, my family LOVES this recipe for Light and Tender Wheat-Oatmeal Pancakes
The best part is that you prepare the dry mix beforehand and store it in your freezer, then all you have to do is measure out how much you need and add buttermilk (or milk or yogurt) and eggs and cook! 

Another fun breakfast food is German Pancakes (or at least that's what my family calls them).  Super easy to blend together and bake.  Your family will love seeing how "high" it gets in the oven.

Or if you live in New Mexico (like me) and love your green chile, then you could make breakfast burritos

What are your favorite Christmas breakfast foods?