Week 205 Menu

Happy Thanksgiving week!  I can't believe it's already here.  Since I'm due with this little baby boy in a few weeks, we're staying home for Thanksgiving.   My parents and little sis and coming to stay with us and we'll be able to have more family come for Thanksgiving dinner.

I remembered to pull the turkey out of the freezer today.  Hopefully I won't have to try to defrost it at the last minute in the sink like I normally do.  

Here's my menu for the week...

Monday: crockpot chicken tacos (just chicken breasts in crockpot with some homemade taco seasoning), quick salsa, homemade ranch dressing

Tuesday: crockpot sloppy joes

Wednesday: pizza or something easy

Thursday:  I'm making turkey (I use this recipe for the brine and this recipe for baking), stuffing, gravy, cloud light crescent rolls, acorn squash, some kind of salad, red hot jello and of course some pies!

Friday:  turkey noodle soup (we always eat this the day after Thanksgiving after cutting down a Christmas tree)

Saturday: leftovers, and turkey/provolone/pesto sandwiches on french bread

Sunday: leftovers or something easy

All righty...that's what's on my menu this week.  What's on your?  Happy Thanksgiving!