Week 204 Menu

It's Menu Monday...I'm glad that my little town celebrates Veteran's Day, so my kids and hubby got to be home today.  It was nice to sleep in and not have to pack lunches or do homework.

Now it's time to plan my menu for the week.  (Most of the time I don't know what I'm going to make until I sit down at the computer and start typing my blog post.  I start my filling in days with things that I've been thinking about making and then I check my ultimate list of dinner ideas for more inspiration.)   All right.  Here we go...

Monday:  we had my favorite taco soup

Tuesday (crockpot or make it ahead night): lasagna, french bread

Wednesday: bistro chicken, mashed potatoes

Thursday: pizza

Friday: parmesan chicken strips, baked fries

Saturday: sloppy joes

Sunday:  baked potato soup, cornbread muffins

All righty...that's what I'm planning on making this week.  What's on your menu this week?  (I love it when you share.  I have a folder in my email where I archive other people's menus, so when I need inspiration I just look through them.) 



  1. Veterans Day! The only sign of it here was that there was no mail delivery.

    We are all sick here! All three kids plus Daddy have had a turn with this stomach bug (going on for a solid week now) and then two of the kids plus Mommy have colds, too! :-( So we're going easy on the menu planning -- but I do think having a plan helps get something comforting on the table.

    M: my husband cooked spaghetti (he's the best)
    T: chicken tortilla soup
    W: grilled cheese and tomato soup OR tater tot casserole
    Th: crockpot Southwest chicken
    F: pizza (because we will be feeling better by then, and my son LOVES pizza!)
    Sa: macaroni and cheese - easy night for babysitting swap
    Su: Hawaiian Haystacks (this has been on the menu forever and I still haven't made it)

  2. So it's Thursday and I realized I never posted a weekly menu! We've been scrambling this week to use up all the the leftovers and get packed so that we can hit the road for Thanksgiving so it hasn't been a super exciting menu week but here it is. Have a great Thanksgiving!

    Mon: Leftover chicken pasta
    Tues: Leftover potato soup with grilled cheese
    Wed: Waikiki meatballs and rice
    Thurs: Eat out so that my kitchen stays clean :)
    Fri: Leave for Utah!!


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