Canning Applesauce

This fall I've made three bushels of apples into applesauce and canned it.  Every time that I make applesauce, I'm amazed at the wonderful contraption that makes applesauce making pretty easy. 

It's all because of my Victorio Strainer (thanks Mom!). 
Here's how I make applesauce...(I usually refer back to this website to make sure that I'm doing the canning part right)

1.  Wash apples and cut into quarters.  Don't worry about the core and the peel.   The Victorio strainer takes care of those.

2.  Cook apples until soft.    I don't have a big stockpot, so I used my canning pot since it's big or sometimes I use other pots. 

3.  Dump cooked apples into the strainer hopper (the big white funnel).

4.  Have someone help you smash the apples through the funnel while you crank the handle. 
 5.  Watch the magic happen...the applesauce comes pouring down the "slide" and the apple "poop" (the cores and skins) comes out the other end.  My kids love watching the strainer work.  Sometimes I run the applesauce through the strainer a second time to get a thinner, smoother applesauce.
 6.  Then pour the warm applesauce into your warm, clean canning jars.  Clean off the jar rim.  Put the lid and ring on.  Then put it in your boiling canner.  Since we live at 7400 ft the processing time is longer, 35 minutes.  Let sit in the canner for 5 minutes after processing. 

7.  Set the jars on your counter and wait for them to pop (seal) -- one of my favorite sounds.  Then enjoy all year round!