Almost every time that I buy zucchini I feel guilty, because I know that it's so easy to grow.  Finally, after much waiting, we have a garden and I have my own zucchini plants.  I haven't had tons of zucchini, but enough to enjoy and freeze a little for later.

I tried zucchini on my pizza the other day for lunch...and it was delicious!
I had extra pizza dough from dinner the other night, so I made myself a pizza for lunch:  turkey pepperoni, zucchini, green chilies and red bell peppers.  I enjoyed every bite!
A few of the other ways that I enjoy zucchini are...

- Chopped up in a green salad with my homemade ranch dressing.

- Pan-fried with a little "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" spray and salt and pepper.

- In this chicken and veggie penne.

 How do you like to eat your zucchini?


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