Simple Train Cake

I try to make fun birthday cakes for my kids.  My boys have asked for train cakes in the past, but I've had no idea how to make one, so I've always persuaded them to choose something else.

This year I decided to tackle a train cake for my little guy's 3rd birthday.  I found this simple cake on Honey Mama.  The cake is made in four mini loaf pans.  One of the loaves is cut up to make the top of the engine and the caboose. 

 My kids and I had fun decorating the train with marshmallows, oreos, m&ms, kit-kats, hershey bars, and a graham cracker.  I got creative and used a medicine cup filled with marshmallows for the smoke stack.  It's not perfect, but my kids loved it!
 Super simple, fun and easy!