Menu Week 188

Happy Monday!

Over the weekend, I added a new tab on the top of my blog.  It's my...
Pretty much all of the recipes on my blog are recipes that my family loves and that we make all the time.  However, there are some recipes that I make over and over and over and haven't found any recipes that I like better.

This new tab is a quick reference to all my favorite and best recipes.  You should try them and let me know what you think!

Now it's menu time...

Tuesday:  waffles

Wednesday:  kids' choice

Thursday:  pizza

Friday: easy night

What are you making this week?  


  1. Sounds good...I'll be over tomorrow for waffles :) Norm is in the Congo this week, so I am not planning anything specific! I'm going to my parents for the weekend and 24th of July.


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