Apricot Jam

We have an apricot tree in our front yard.  Last year it didn't produce any fruit, but this year it did.  I guess it helped that we watered and pruned the tree.  I don't think the previous owners did that.  

My kids and I had fun the other morning picking apricots.  There's something rewarding about picking beatific fruit off of a tree in your yard.  

I made 24 jars of apricot jam and then we gave a lot of the rest of the apricots away to friends.  I'd never made apricot jam before, but I borrowed my friend's water bath canner (I need to get one of my own) and made some.  It was fun and turned out really pretty and delicious.  I didn't know how much sugar and how little apricots go into apricot jam.  That's why it's good, I guess!  Maybe next year I'll try a reduced sugar version.