Week 185 Menu

I don't know if you'll notice from my menu this week, but I'm actually planning on making soup and on a few other days I'm going to use my oven.  It's not because we're having a cold front coming in.  It'll actually be in the 90s this week (which is really warm considering that we live at 7400 ft in the mountains).  But, it's because we bought an evaporative cooler over the weekend and my house is actually cool now!  I used the stove and the oven a few different times yesterday and the house temperature stayed the same.  It's heavenly!

So, here's my menu...

Monday: lasagna, french bread,

Tuesday: parmesan chicken, baked fries, zucchini

Wednesday: creamy chicken and wild rice soup

Thursday: sweet and sour meatballs, rice, veggies

Friday: easy

Saturday: easy

Sunday:  easy



  1. Jenny, what does "easy" mean for you? What are your go-to easy meals?

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  3. Congrats on a cooler house, very nice! Thanks for the dinner ideas this week.
    Mine looks something like this:
    Tuesday: Healthy Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo (No Cream/butter)
    Wednesday: Sweet and Sour Meatballs with Quinoa
    Thursday: Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas
    Friday: Sandwich night
    Saturday: Taco Salad
    Sunday: Left Over Night/French Toast

  4. No plans this week, and am tempted nearly every night to just get out the milk and cereal. It is just too hot. You'll have to fill me on on your new cooler - I'm jealous.


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