Raspberry Freezer Jam

I'm kind of abnormal.  I don't like raspberries.  Maybe in another 30 years I'll like raspberries.  They smell nice and fruity, but I just don't like the way they taste.  I was the best raspberry picker when I was younger, because I didn't eat any.  I just picked them. 

I think I ruined my daughter because I never fed her raspberries when she was little.  Now she won't try them.  My husband, however, does like raspberries. And so do my boys.  Two years ago there was a screaming deal on raspberries at Sunflower Farmer's Market ($0.88 for a 6 ounce container!), so I made my first batches of raspberry freezer jam.  However, the jam didn't last forever and raspberries didn't go on sale last summer, so I started buying the storebought jam again. 

This week at Sunflower Farmer's Market, raspberries are on sale.  So, I bought some and made jam over the weekend.  I love how fast and easy it is.  Seriously, it took me 30 minutes (at the most) to make 21 6-ounce containers of raspberries into jam. 

I used this freezer jam pectin.
Here's how you make jam:

Step 1.  Wash berries. 
Step 2.  Mash berries (I stick them in my kitchenaid with the wire whisk)
Step 3.  Mix together sugar and pectin.
Step 4.  Add pectin/sugar to the berries and mix for 3 minutes.
Step 5.  Pour into containers and let set for 30 minutes.
Step 6.  Freeze and enjoy! 

I think I need to go buy more berries this week and make some more jam!