Week 180 Menu

It's the last week of school!  Hooray!  I'm super excited to not have to pry my kids out of bed in the morning, tell them to hurry 100 times and pack lunches and snacks.

Also, I updated my sidebar on the right with some of my favorite summer-time recipes.

Now it's menu time...

Monday:  pizza

Tuesday: chicken strips, roasted potatoes

Wednesday: sweet and sour meatballs, rice, veggies

Thursday:  slow cooker tamale pie (maybe this week I'll really make it)

Friday:  easy night

Saturday: taco salad

Sunday: quiche, muffins, fruit

I've never actually made quiche before, but I like to eat it.  I'd love links to your favorite quiche recipes if you have one.  Have a great week!


  1. Our favorite is the spinach quiche in the better homes and gardens cookbook. I also use my mom's "never fail pie crust" recipe which just makes the quiche so much better. Derek and kids love it, and so do I. It is pretty time consuming though. Good luck!

  2. Well i am sick thanks to the start of winter so not motivated to do too much especially on the cooking front but the family must be fed!

    Weekly menu plan:

    Monday - We were meant to have Spaghetti Bolognese but the in laws came to town so we went out and had pizza for dinner - not complaining!! :)

    Tuesday - Portugese chicken drumsticks with mash potato and vegetables

    Wednesday - Pumpkin risotto

    Thursday - T-bone steak with vegetables and pasta mix

    Friday - Mayple Syrup Silverside (my favourite) Boil silverside for 1 hour then put in baking dish stab a few holes in it, drizzle in mayple syrup and garlic and cook in oven for 30 minutes :) YUM
    Served with Mash potato

    Saturday - Was meant to be pizza but now I am unsure what we are going to have because we had Pizza last night... maybe left over Silverside :)

    Sunday - Freezer meal - I have frozen so many left overs from dinners throughout the last month my freezer is overflowing so we have to eat something out of there to clear it up.

    Well thats it and sorry Jenny but i dont have any quiche recipes before you, i made one once but just simple egg, bacon and mushroom - cant help sorry!!

    Till next week

    Rae Rae

  3. Well an update on the menu - we ended up going out to a function on Wednesday so Pumpkin Risotto was put off for another night and eaten on Thursday, instead we enjoyed a BBQ.

    Tonight (Friday) will be the TBone Steak and then we are doing Pizza on Saturday, hubby won't have it any other way, loves nothing more than cooking and eating home made pizza, i have to agree its pretty yummy! I suppose i will be doing Silverside on Sunday if nothing comes up in the middle. Its amazing how much your plan can be ruined in no time at all. Its ok though, have to have a social life at some point, and saves me cooking :)

    Till Monday :) Rae Rae


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