Week 179 Menu

Anyone else have a long to-do list, huge pile of laundry, and way too many after school activities this week?  This week is a busy one, so having dinner planned each night will help the chaos a bit.

Here's my plan...

Monday:  we had quick french dip w/green chilies and cheese

Tuesday: spaghetti, garlic bread, salad

Wednesday:  pizza

Thursday:  tamale pie

Friday:  BBQ chicken tinfoil dinners

Saturday: easy night

Sunday:  crockpot chicken stew

What's on your menu this week?  Or I guess I you could post what you had for dinner last night since it's already Tuesday...  Have a good week!


  1. It seems like Winter bring chaos for all including me! The washing just double, god only knows how, dinner is a mission, time runs out so fast and nothing is getting done - from what felt like so organised and happy and almost dare i say it easy last week its mission this week - lets hope a routine sets in soon and things go back to normal.

    This weeks menu:

    Monday - Hamburgers

    Tuesday - Was meant to be Roast Pork and veggies but didnt get enough time to defrost it so it was McDonalds for dinner

    Wednesday - After more time - Roast Pork and Veggies

    Thursday - Lamb chops with macaroni cheese and vegetables

    Friday - Tacos - quick easy and perfect for Friday night

    Saturday - Will be take away of some sort or even a meal defrosted from the freezer - we are going site seeing (all the things we have never been able to do, i.e climb Ayres Rock) so will be a full on day and wont have a great deal of time - guess it depends if we stay or not too.

    Sunday - Fish, chips and salad


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