Week 178 Menu

Happy Monday!  Time for another week of school, soccer practice, t-ball practice, dance class, piano lessons, etc.  Guess I should plan my menus so we can eat this week....

Monday:  spaghetti, garlic bread, green salad

Tuesday: Swedish meatballs, steamed potatoes, IKEA gravy

Wednesday:  pizza

Thursday: honey lime enchiladas or tamale pie

Friday: easy night

Saturday: orange chicken, rice

Sunday: tatortot casserole

What are you making this week?


  1. Happy Monday to you as well!! By the way i loved your baseball cake - very creative.

    This weeks menu -
    Due to change in plans at the last moment at the end of the week last week I had no idea what to do for the weekend but it didnt turn out too badly.
    Saturday we ended up having Subway because we were invited over to a friends place for a movie night so quick easy meals.
    Sunday - I wanted to be able to make something quick and easy but yummy and warm as it was cold! I ended up making my very first Risotto... Mushroom and Bacon. It worked out ok, I had no idea how much work was actually involved in the making of risotto and now will make sure its not a meal on a night where i dont want to cook! But all in all it was nice, a little gluggy but i guess like all things perfection comes with practice.

    Monday was a public holiday here so I had a bit of time to muck around in the kitchen but ended up doing everything else and decided on Tuna Bake.

    Tuesday (Tonight) - Chicken Borritos

    Wednesday - Chicken tomato and motzerella pasta bake - Lots of chicken and pasta this week, didn't think that through very well.

    Thursday - Beef sweet and sour stir fry with Rice

    Friday - Slow cooked Lamb Casserole with Mash Potoato and Vegetables

    Saturday - Black Russian - It is a specialty at my local butchers - they do a beautifully flavoured Roast Beef and it is magnificent so thats on the menu!

    Sunday - Chicken curry (not sure what yet, maybe mussaman or rogan josh... will update next week)

    Monday - Hamburgers - as we have about 4 bags of frozen bread rolls and 2 packs on 10x hamburgers to work our way through and they are slowly but surely taking over needed space in my freezer! :)

    I have created a menu for the entire month of May so its easy for me to update now - was a bit of a struggle but much more conviennent so now i know what to buy - just a matter of mixing through the week chicken, mince, pork, beef, fish etc. Searching through recipe books at anything that looks good and letting the other half have a say as to what he wants! Made it much easier than me deciding lol.

    Till next week xx


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