Week 176 Menu

Well, we're back to real life at our house.  The last three weeks have been super relaxing -- we were on vacation for spring break and then had two weeks of grandparents visiting us.  It was wonderful.

This is our plan for the week...nice and easy:

Monday:   german pancakes, strawberries

Tuesday: 7up marinated chicken, salad, quesadillas

Wednesday: easy night

Thursday:  pizza

Friday:  easy night

Saturday: ground turkey tacos

Sunday:  roast chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, etc.

What's on your menu this week?  Have a great one!


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  2. I'm curious, when you say "easy night" what does that usually mean for your family? Cuz at my house that means cold cereal or subway.

    My menu attempt for this week is:
    Monday: spaghetti & 1-hour breadsticks (seriously love that recipe!)

    Tuesday: bbq chicken & garlic mashed potatoes

    Wednesday: chicken taquitos

    Thursday: pizza

    Friday: breakfast

    Saturday-Sunday: crockpot something or other

    1. Hi Laura! Glad you're back posting your recipes. I love having a little extra menu inspiration. Easy night at our house is usually pancakes or french toast or sometimes we go to out to eat. We don't go out too often because I can make pancakes faster than we can drive somewhere to pick up dinner.


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