Week 175 Menu

We've been in grandma and grandpa heaven at our house.  We were lucky enough to have my in-laws visit all last week.  Their visit overlapped for a few days with my parents and little sis coming to visit.  My daughter was baptized yesterday, so they came to share the special day with us.  Having grandmas and grandpas come means lots of things, but some benefits are that they...

  1. wash lots of dishes without being asked
  2. unload the dishwasher for me
  3. entertain the kids
  4. help make dinner
  5. do whatever I ask them...big or small

I'm lucky to have my family spending this week with me.  So, we better eat some good food.  Here's the plan:

Monday:  we had Cafe Rio tacos using leftover pulled pork and brisket from yesterday (more to come about that later...)

Tuesday:  Waikiki meatballs, rice, steamed broccoli

Wednesday:  Quick French Dip with green chilies and provolone

Thursday:  Homemade Pizza

Friday:  Grilled 7up chicken, grilled potatoes, grilled green beans (or maybe we'll have tinfoil dinners instead)

Saturday: Broiled Tilapia Parmesan, Quick Orzo Pilaf

Sunday:  Roast Chicken, Mashed Potatoes w/gravy

What are you making this week?  Or maybe, what did you eat for dinner tonight?  Or last night?  Or last Monday?

Have a good week!



  1. Well i have recently just started creating menu plans, one of my dear friends mentioned to me about them - I thought it may be a waste of time but it turns out that it saves me so much money at the supermarket if i buy for a whole week instead of going daily and also if i plan out dinners i don't spend hours trying to work out what to eat!
    It has interested me in how everyone else does everyhing and I am excited to be able to post on somewhere like here what I am eating and hopefully give some good suggestions - feel free to ask for the recipe but they arent anything too flash. :)

    This week - the first week of my plan and my weekly shop I am having the following - even though it is now Tuesday i'll mention Monday too

    Monday - Home made Spaghetti Bolognese

    Tuesday - Chicken and Vegetable Pasta Bake
    I need to use left over veggies that are slowly deteriorating in my fridge so the best way is to use them all in a nice big bake!

    Wednesday - Minute Steak Marinated in BBQ Marinade with Vegetables
    I also have corn on the cob and other veggies that i can't really put into the bake so using them up as well :)

    Thursday - Fish, Chips and Salad
    Frozen fish fillets, chips deep fried and whatever salad i have in the fridge

    Friday - Sausages and Mash with Veggies
    I have had a pack of herb and garlic sausages in my freezer for far too long now and keep putting off eating them so time is up. Will have potatoes left over so use them and veggies just to put some colour and health in there

    Saturday - Is shopping day and i wont have much left in the house expect mince so
    Savoury Mince Rolls is the answer!!! Savoury mince however you want it and put it into some pastry, cook and eat! EASY

    Sunday - Take Away
    Generally Sunday is take away night, i can't be bothered cooking when i just want to go to bed before Monday comes around again and after cooking all week i have good reason! we may have left overs but i think ill be sick of beef! :)

    There you go my weekly menu plan.
    Hopefully i have helped inspire someone - till next week xo

  2. I was really good and actually planned a menu this week, but so far it's not going too well with following the menu.

    Monday: planned on making homemade pizza, picked up Subway instead
    Tuesday: picture day out of town, so we ate out with a friend
    Wednesday: planned bbq chicken, my mom made us breakfast at her house
    Thursday: planned parmesan tilapia (which will only happen if I remember to get the fish out of the freezer)
    Friday: Oriental chicken
    Saturday: chicken taquitos (provided I make it to the store to get ingredients)
    Sunday: pb&j or beg my mom to make something delicious for us

    ugh! I'm such a slacker this week!!

  3. Ha, ha! No plan this week! Guess what Anders picked tonight for his birthday dinner? CEREAL!! Okay, I guess that works for me, it's about as easy as they come! As Norm said "Sometimes Anders throws us a bone."
    Norm goes to NYC this weekend and is gone until Tuesday, so we'll probably not be having great dinners. I hate cooking when Norm's gone because he's the only one who is happy when I make a good dinner.

  4. P.S. I really can't seem to get back in the groove after vacation.

  5. New Menu for this week - 23/04/12 - 29/04/12

    Monday - Chicken Caccatorie
    Glad i chose this for today because its FREEZING!!!

    Tuesday - Home made Pizza with Garlic Bread
    Can't wait - there is nothing better.

    Wednesday - Roast Beef and Gravy Rolls

    Thursday - Parmesan and Herb Pork Chops with Vegetables

    Friday - Fettuchini Carbonara

    Saturday - Chilli Con Carne served with Corn Chips

    Sunday - Rump Steak with Veggies

    Loving the idea of a menu plan really starting to get into it and loving that I can know what i am having, change it up if i want and look forward to dinners again. I cant believe how much time it saves me. :)

    Sorry if i posted this in last weeks section, i noticed that there wasnt anything for this weeks menu so i thought i may as well keep going on this one until there is :)

    Till next week. xx


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