Week 174 Menu

Happy Monday everyone!  We just got back last night from a wonderful week in California.  We saw lots of beautiful places, lots of animals and fish, played with cousins, and ate yummy food.  The only cooking I did was when I made waffles at the hotels' continental breakfast and making peanut butter sandwiches on the beach. 

I feel like I need a day off to recoup from our vacation, but there's no rest at our house.  Today is my daughter's birthday and my in-laws are coming to visit.  So, I better get going and attach the huge pile of laundry, my dirty bathrooms, my dirty car, my long grocery shopping list and make a birthday cake. 

Menu time...

Monday:  orange chicken (my b-day girl's favorite!)

Tuesday:  taco soup

Wednesday:  bistro chicken

Thursday:  breakfast burritos

Friday:  spicy honey chicken salad

Saturday:  easy night

Sunday:  BBQ brisket sandwiches

What are you making this week?  Or if you haven't planned this week yet, you can always share what you made last week.  Have a great week!