"8" Shaped Cake

Last week was my little girl's birthday.  It was a super busy day, so I might have been rushing a bit when I made and frosted her cake.

She requested an "8" cake.  I've made several "8" shaped cakes before for "It's Great to Be Eight" firesides at church.  However, I forgot to follow a few of my favorite cake baking/decorating tips and the cake turned out less than perfect.  My daughter loved it all the same and forgave me for the huge globs of frosting all over the top of it.  
(Don't mind the multicolored wall behind my daughter.  Some day it will be painted and beautiful.)

Here's what I need to remember for the next birthday we have coming up in two weeks in our family:
  1. Remember that 10 minutes is the magic number.  Only let the cake cool for 10 minutes after baking otherwise the pan that was so carefully prepped with shortening and flour will grab a hold of the cake and not let it leave the pan all in one piece.  If you remove it from the pan exactly 10 minutes later, it always slides out perfectly (assuming that you shortening and floured the pan well).  
  2. Remember when piping frosting from a ziploc bag, make sure that there aren't any holes in the bag before you start squirting it all over the cake.  Otherwise it might get a bit gloppy.  
  3. Remember to look to see if there are birthday candles in the cupboard before everyone is gathered around at the table to have cake and ice cream.  Thankfully I have a friend that had extra candles that lives nearby.
  4. Remember that no one really cares what the cake looks like.