Week 170 Menu

Wow, week 170!  That's kind of a lot!  Some people (that don't regularly follow my blog) ask me if I'm still posting my recipes.  And I say, "of course!"  It's definitely a habit of mine, posting my menus each week.  I feel a little anxious until I've sat down and planned my week's worth of menus and posted it and then I can relax and know that each night at dinner time I won't have to try to think of what to make.  And since most days I usually prep dinner while my kids are at school, it's nice to know ahead of time what I'm making.

Anyway...I'm excited that we have a whole month before soccer season starts.  We've been having constant sport seasons since soccer started in September and now it's March.  It'll be a nice break.

Monday:  we had fajitas

Tuesday:  tilapia, orzo

Wednesday:  beef with broccoli, jasmine rice

Thursday:  baked potato soup

Friday: BBQ meatballs, crashed potatoes

Saturday: potstickers, fried rice

Sunday:  chicken parmesan, angel hair pasta, french bread, salad

What are you making this week?  Have a good one!