Week 166 Menu

Happy Monday!  I've decided to make Fridays easier, so now every Friday is going to  be pizza night!  I have a few friends that have done this for a long time.  Great idea!

Here's my menu for the week...

Monday:  7up marinated chicken, pasta salad, rolls

Tuesday: chicken enchilada casserole

Wednesday: burgers, oven fries,

Thursday: creamy chicken and wild rice soup

Friday: pizza

Saturday: broiled parmesan tilapia, orzo, steamed veggies

Sunday: lasagna, french bread, salad

What are you eating this week?  Have a good one!



  1. Since Norm is gone I probably won't post menus this week or next week. We will not be eating at home on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and Marilyn is bringing dinner on Wednesday. So I only have tonight and Thursday to figure out, and we are having leftovers tonight. Phew! I hate planning/cooking meals when Norm is gone!! My kids are not appreciative of very many dinners.


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