Week 162 Menu

I have been waiting for years for my kids to eat green salad.  Just in the last two week, both my seven year old and my five year old decided that they LOVE green salad.  This last week we've had salad as a side dish almost every night.  My daughter has taken it to school in her lunch too.  It still amazes me that they'll eat it. 

I've been whipping up a lot of this homemade ranch dressing to top our salad with.  Yum!  Now I need to go buy some more lettuce and croutons.

Menu time...

Monday:  creamy chicken and wild rice soup, cornbread muffins

Tuesday: sweet and sour meatballs, rice, veggies

Wednesday:  homemade pizza

Thursday: burgers (teriyaki burgers from freezer), try some pesto burgers too, oven fries

Friday: Dan Dan noodles, green salad, steamed veggies

Saturday: orange chicken, rice, broccoli

Sunday: seriously have no idea...I'll come up with something later.

All right, I need some Sunday dinner inspiration.  Maybe you can inspire me.  Plan your menu and post it here.  Have a great week!



  1. I don't have an order, but here's what we have planned for dinner for most of the week.
    panini breakfast burritos
    chicken and dumplings
    bagel dogs
    pizza on friday (always)
    kids are making hamburgers and fries on saturday

  2. Like Meg, not sure of our order except the first one is for tonight!:

    French Toast and scrambled eggs
    Cracker Chicken and BBQ Dip Sauce
    Honey Lime Enchiladas
    Suzi Stones Corn Chowder

    Norm's gone this week, so 4 meals with leftovers will probably more than get us through the week!

    So jealous that your kids eat salad. I do love your dressing...maybe the dressing will work for my kids!


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