New Year's Goals

I know it's already the 19th of January, but I've been thinking about all the goals that I want to set and haven't written down yet.  I have some "food" related goals that I'd like to achieve this year...
So, here they are...

1.  Stick to a monthly food budget.  I've always been bad at sticking to a food budget, except the one month a few years ago that I gave myself a cash food budget (one of my lovely readers gave me that great tip).  Since we live in a town where there aren't that many places that are worth eating out at, I spend more on groceries to make yummy food at home.

2.  Make sure that my weekly menus are realistic.  Make sure to plan at least two quick dinners on busy nights.

3.  Do more efficient grocery shopping.   This is so I won't have to go to Smith's more than once or twice a week because I forgot one or two things.

4.  Make treats only on Sunday. This one was my husbands idea and has been an adjustment for me since we've been doing this since the first of the year.  I love whipping up cookies anytime I feel like it, but we were eating treats way too often.  I still slip a cookie into the kids lunch boxes and have a little treat every day. But it's been great because I don't see cookies on the counter and have three before I eat my lunch. :)

Do you have any "food" related goals this year?