Week 159 Menu

Today was a SNOW DAY at our house!  I loved being able to spend the whole day with my family without having anywhere for anyone to have to be or anything to do.  We slept in, ate cinnamon rolls, went sledding and just played at home.  I love snow days!

Now onto my menu for the week:

Monday:  french dip sandwiches

Tuesday:  clam chowder, french bread

Wednesday:  navajo tacos

Thursday:  stroganoff, maybe this Poor Man Stroganoff from Mels' Kitchen Cafe

Friday:  Asian BBQ Chicken, fried rice, green bean

Saturday: fetticinni alfredo w/grilled chicken, 1 hour breadsticks

Sunday:  roast, potatoes, carrots, etc.

That's what I'm making this week.  What's on your menu this week?



  1. I wish I knew what I was making this week??!! Our week is full of Christmas parties and programs which all fall around mealtime. Turkey soup tonight, that's all I have planned for the whole week! I love your menu and I am a bit jealous of your winter wonderland. We do not have a drop of snow for Christmas. And how cool are you for making cinnamon rolls on a cozy snow day?


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