Week 158 Menu

Can you believe that it is Thursday already and I haven't posted my menu yet.  I'm slacking a bit.  I've just been super busy, so blogging has taken a back seat.  I'm still trying to take care of the messes around my house from Thanksgiving, five days with everyone at home, yard projects, Christmas decorations, etc.

Here's my menu for the week:

Monday:  we had homemade pizza

Tuesday:  we had Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, IKEA gravy

Wednesday:  we had pancakes :)

Thursday:  feeding the missionaries -- teriyaki burgers, oven fries, pesto pasta salad, fruit and veggies

Friday:  Asian BBQ Chicken, fried rice, green bean

Saturday:  breakfast burritos

Sunday:  slow cooker tamale pie or white chili

All right.  Glad that's done.  How about you?  What are you making (or what have you made) this week?  Have a good one!


  1. Let's see -
    M - leftover casserole
    T - philly cheesesteak sandwiches
    W - enchiladas
    Th - chupe de pollo
    F - pizza
    S & S - no idea

  2. This is good; since the week is half over I actually have something to share (it took me until yesterday to hammer out a menu!).

    Sunday: White chicken chili

    Monday: Creamy chicken and broccoli pasta

    Tuesday: Pancakes (which I can see you also had this week! When my husband is not home for dinner, that's our go-to food!)

    Wednesday: Pizza

    Thursday: Chili (it's snowing today!)

    Friday: Tortellini Spinach Bake in Lemon Sauce (recipe from Our Best Bites)

    Saturday: shepherd's pie

    Sunday: my sister-in-law's new pork roast recipe, mashed potatoes


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