Christmas Day Cinnamon Rolls

Since today is Christmas Eve, that means that it's time to make some cinnamon rolls. We have a tradition at our house of having cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast.

I start making the cinnamon rolls on Christmas Eve, and then we bake them the next morning.  After I roll the cinnamon rolls out, I put most of them on a cookie sheet covered with plastic wrap and leave them overnight in the fridge.

On Christmas morning while we are opening presents, I get the cinnamon rolls out of the fridge and let them warm up on the counter.  Then all I have to do is bake them and make the really quick glaze. 

I usually set a few cinnamon rolls aside to bake on Christmas Eve.  Maybe Santa would enjoy a fresh cinnamon roll instead of cookies. 

Thanks to all the wonderful friends that I have that check my blog.  Have a wonderful Christmas!