Week 147 Menu

It's that time again.  It's menu planning time.  :)

We're finally getting into the swing of things now that we're starting the third week of school.  It's been raining a lot too, so I actually feel like cooking (most of the time).  I've been making lots of this quick homemade bread this week.

Here's what I'm making this week:

Monday:  creamy green chile chicken enchiladas

Tuesday: teriyaki burgers

Wednesday: try Our Best Bites Guiltless Alfredo Sauce w/fetticinni

Thursday: chicken tetrazinni 

Friday:  Cafe Rio Pork

Saturday: easy night

Sunday: Swedish meatballs, steamed red potatoes, IKEA gravy

What are you making this week?


  1. Let me know how those enchiladas turn out. They sound good! Oh and please send me a list of all the websites you go to! Thanks

  2. Hey Jenny ,I tried out your french bread today and it was really really yummy thanks for sharing the recipe


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