Week 145 Menu

Today is the first day of school for two of my three kids.  (It's also my birthday today -- isn't that a great present?  Four hours with no fighting or whining, just me and my 2 year old.)

But, back to school means that fall sports and teaching piano lessons is starting again, which means I have to have dinner prepped most days before the kids get home from school.  Menu planning is a huge help during the school year!

So, here's my menu:

Monday: easy night -- hubby's cooking!

Tuesday: fish tacos

Wednesday: breakfast for dinner

Thursday: chicken pesto sandwich

Friday:  navajo tacos

Saturday: BBQ chicken pizza

Sunday: chicken piccata

What are you making this week?  I need some ideas that don't involve chicken. :)  We eat a lot of chicken at our house.  Have a good week!