I've decided that from now on I always need a bottle of pesto in my fridge.  I bought a bottle of this...

a little while when it was on sale.  And we've eaten a lot of it the last few weeks:

I've made this pasta salad twice from Mel's Kitchen Cafe (minus the fresh basil and toasted pinenuts).

I've made lots of turkey/provolone wraps and sandwiches with pesto mayonnaise (just mix equal parts pesto and mayo).

I've made this chicken pesto pizza.

What are your favorite things to make with pesto?



  1. Thanks for the tips! I use alfredo as my go-to pasta sauce lately, but pesto would be way healthier!

    I posted this recipe a loooong time ago, but it's the only thing I've made that uses pesto ... pesto bread. Yum!

    P.S. Yes, I have replaced my ugly, burnt baking sheet since that post!

  2. I've never used pesto, but picked up a bottle from Smiths yesterday. Didn't you add zucchini to the pasta salad? Cooked or not?


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