Week 141 Menu

My little boy turned two this weekend.  Because of the huge wildfire in our area, we've seen a lot of helicopters and airplanes fly low over our house lately.  My kids have loved watching them.  So, I decided to make my little guy an airplane cake.  I was happy that he could tell that it was an airplane. 

Every time I make a cake for my kids, I wish that I were more of a perfectionist.  My kids don't care if there are crumbs in the frosting or if the cake isn't frosted perfectly, so I guess I don't care either.  Hopefully my kids will remember that I tried to make their birthdays fun and special. 

By the way, my little guy didn't even eat one bite of cake.  All he wanted to do was blow the candles out over and over and over.

I'm a little late planning my menu this week because I have no idea what to make. 

Tonight we had:  grilled teriyaki chicken, whole wheat couscous, broccoli

Tuesday: sandwiches on fresh french bread

Wednesday: taco salad

Thursday: pizza -- grilled or baked depending on temperature inside my house

Friday: easy night

Saturday: easy, maybe waffles

Sunday:  french dip sandwiches

All right, that was rough trying to think of what to make.  This week we're supposed to get monsoon rains, so hopefully things will be cooler in the afternoon (like today was), so I feel more like cooking. Have a great week!  And as always, feel free to share your menus.  I need all the ideas I can get. :)