Chicken. And a lot of it.

This week at my local Smith's, boneless skinless chicken is on sale for $1.69/lb.  For those of you meat buyers, you know that's super cheap!

I picked up three packages when I went grocery shopping and decided to cut it up and marinade some before I stuck it in the freezer.

Now making dinner with chicken just got a little bit faster.
With butterflied chicken I can make:  bistro chicken, parmesan chicken, chicken piccata, or quick grilled chicken for lots of dishes.  I'm planning on using chicken cubes for orange chicken.

I marinated this chicken in Caesar dressing and can use it for BBQ caesar chicken, Chicken Caesar Pizza, or Chicken Caesar Wraps.

Why haven't I done this before.  Such a time saver.  I think I'll go buy more chicken.


  1. What a great idea! I just added chicken to my shopping list - maybe I'll pick up a bunch more and do a bit of prep to make dinner time easier. Thanks. :)

  2. wish i had the freezer space to do that too!


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