Week 134 Menu and Favorite Tortillas

I love warm, freshly cooked torillas.  I was so excited when my local Smith's started carrying these Tortilla Land uncooked tortillas.
I had been looking all over for a place to buy them, but haven't had too much luck, which is surprising since I live in New Mexico and we eat lots of tortillas here.  Now all I've wanted to eat lately has been wrapped in a warm tortilla.  Yum!

Anyway...here's my menu for the week:

Monday: I have no idea...better get thinking!

Tuesday:  tinfoil dinners

Thursday: lasagna, 1 hour breadstick

Friday: grilled teriyaki chicken w/stirfry veggies and rice

Saturday: pizza, maybe grilled chicken caesar pizza

Sunday: BBQ ribs, potatoes, salad

What are you making this week?  More importantly, what are you eating TONIGHT?  I need some inspiration.  Have a good one!



  1. I know what I'm making tonight and tomorrow. After that... who knows. Today is waffles for dinner, because I can get Mike to make that so I won't have to do anything. Tomorrow I'm making a Dominican dish- beans, rice and stewed chicken.


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